The rebirth of our Team Fortress 2 cheat. I will try to update this quickly when updates come and return to the thread for suggestions. I will add things if people want but I am not into bogging down the cheat with too many useless features. Changelog: -4/26 : Added FOV Adjustments, Added FOV visibility, Changed text size from 14 -> 16 -4/30: Added menu movement ability, updated after large tf2 update -5/4: Added triggerbot, added optional Aim Key options, fixed ctf map crashes, added additional text in menu to explain features -7/2: Updated from valves fix, removed achievement unlocker, removed colored models. -7/9: Updated to work after engy update. Code Optimization. Features at day of release: -Hitbox aimbot -Auto Shoot -Triggerbot -Aim Key -Adjustable aim spot -Name esp -Health esp -Dynamic box esp -Enemy only esp option -Spread removal -Crosshair -Bunnyhop -Autopistol -Sv_cheats and Sv_consistency bypass -Speed -Critical shots only NOTES: - Insert will open the menu - Critical shots in team fortress 2 are determined server sided, YOU MUST WAIT FOR THEM, THEY ARE NOT INSTANT! - To use the speed you must use the bypass, you then press the E key when you want to speed. - Bypassing sv_cheats WILL get you banned from server added anticheats (Detox and Kigen AntiCheat [KAC]), only do so if you don't care or are sure the server is not running these addons. -This cheat is 100% undetected on Valve Anticheat 2 at time of release, however public cheats can quickly become detected, so always use on an account you don't care about and especially do not use once not updated for a few weeks. -Removing of spread is for the secondary pistols at the moment only. Thank you for visiting Be sure to check back for updates! _Credits and Shouts: _1>Ember _2>1337Espeon _3>LawGiver _4>Mencore _5>Badster _6>shad0w _7>aVitamin Bypass must be used to speed, Speed is E key. Notice, bypassing sv_cheats will get you banned on servers running detocs and kac. Download vH Team Fortress: 2 MultiCheat