19:46 - CSGOHAX:
Abwarten vllt hat sich noch keiner drum gekümert. wie alle auf den hack warten :)
19:47 - CSGOHAX:
20:00 - L2Pplayer:
wieso schädlich wurde einfach von keinem vergeschaltet :pokerface:
20:01 - L2Pplayer:
freigeschaltet *lol* :rage:
20:13 - nino4573:
oft sind dateien schädlich wenn sie nicht freigeschaltet weren
21:40 - DarkDash:
wie3 lange noch
21:47 - Raimund58:
21:54 - Darknightx37:
junge nerv net
22:14 - kekewkin:
22:18 - Raimund58:
:cg1: :lol: :cg2:
22:46 - nino4573:
Ich glaube Project-7 Public CS:GO Cheat v1.1 ist NICHT echt als ob er sein update cheat anders nennt und aufeinmal alles ausschreibt
23:44 - Lomeytime:
yey vac ban wegen p7
23:45 - Lomeytime:
cs go hacks bitte freischalten?
00:01 - Domflo17LOL:
bruach glaub immer 24h deshalb wird es erst morgen sein :)
00:34 - Lomeytime:
grade haben 3 accounts von mir vac bekommen nice
00:41 - NieteNr.1:
wird einer von deinen accs vac gebannt werden die anderen auf deiner IP oder HDD auch gebannt denke ich mal
01:01 - Pera22:
when will be update for AutoShot?
01:03 - Pera22:
it working but i read somewhere that it is deteced :(
01:07 - Olmoody:
@Niete komplett falsch. Nur der acc auf dem man gecheatet hat wird gebannt, ausser man nutzt nen extrem schlechten hack der (ich sag mal) spuren zurücklässt.
01:09 - Kitt3120:
Hab den AUTOSHOT - CS:GO (Public) für die neueste version ^^
01:09 - Kitt3120:
Aber kann den hier iwie nit posten
01:20 - Olmoody:
im downloadbereich hochladen, der wird dann freigeschaltet.
03:40 - fatgaz1998:
Can some1 put a new multihack (speed hack fly hack no clip aimbot esp no recoil item esp and item magnet) for DayZ SA please. been waiting for 1 for ages.
09:18 - Vicham09:
bfp4f hack pls
10:06 - fatgaz1998:
DayZ Stand ALone hack please.
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Beschreibung Iwana is a simple but yet complex and easy wow fishing bot made by Ziao


So, to all the people who still do not understand the program, I will try to explain one more time (I spended almost 3 hours learning how to set up the program on different surfaces, so just hang in there and you will make it)

1. - Download this awesome fishbot from the zipfile that is in the bottom of the first post, the real link doesnt work
2. - Start WoW
3. - Start fishbot

4. - Close fishbot - if you look into the Iwana folder a new file will be created, here you should schange randomtitle form 0 to 1 on a live server

5. - Open fishbot again
6. - In WoW change in videosettings the screen to windowed mode (maximized i did not enable)

7. - Put the fishingskill (icon) on your first slot of your first bar
8. - Go stand near a water, try to take water that has an even color, no shadows or anything in it... The water in the canals in Stormwind is superb to learn

9. - Scroll into your character, so that you see "through his eyes" (yeah, they like to call it 1st person, I know :P )

10. - go to fisbot and put your cursor in profile and type for example Stormwind setup (you will need to make a lot of profiles to get everything working. DOn't care about names, just be sure to write down what are the good profiles for you to use, and afterwards you can alter the names or delete profiles in the .txt file that is created in the Iwana folder)

11. - click start - the fishbot will tell you that such a profile does not exist, if you want to create one, and on confirm you will need to retype the name. Fishbot will bring WoW to foreground again, cast the fishspell and take a screenshot

12. when you see the screenshot a message will come that you need to select a color. Click ok -your cursor changes into a cross- and click on the dobber. As the message said, take a well seen color, the red feather in blue water, the blue feather in pinkish water, whatever.

Below I have made some marks on a screenshot to explain a bit better.
First choose the color you are gonna go with, red or blue. As you see by the 2 squares in the water, red is better contrast with the water then the blue.
So, when you go for the red feather, select in the screenshot that Iwana fishbot gives you in the top of the red feather (of top of the blue if that is the case). Why the top? It has a brighter color there!
Don't select the part of the feather i marked with stripes, the colors go dark there and give some confusion for the bot.
Never select the dobber itself cause most of the time it will not work.

13. When you succesfully targetted the right color, the fishbot will pop up again, and you can click start... and sit back...


Here are some tips if you can't get it to work
1) make sure WoW is running in Windowed mode,
2) make sure all your video settings are at their lowest, this doesn't include
the resolution

if you do see the lootwindow, but it doesn't actually loot the fish, just turn of
'autoloot' which can be found at the interface options

To create a new profile, just enter a non-existing name, and follow the
instructions (after pressing Start)

f9: toggles sound on catch
f10: pause the bot (show the main window)
f11: exit the bot instantly

For safety reasons, it's best to enable random titles (found in profiles.ini after
running the bot), just change the value to 1
Also you should rename the bot to something random.

If you wish to spread this bot (please do =D) please don't modify the source,
if this does happen, i will never ever release anything again to the public,
and that wouldn't be nice, not for me and neither for you.

If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hestitate
to mail me (

Have fun!
 Download Iwana 
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