14:23 - GAnonymous:
come teamspeak when you want talk
14:25 - byAxepT:
balto UD?
14:28 - nbkiller:
i want to talk in TS but i m not good speaking english.
14:28 - nbkiller:
but my 2 accs vaced and im scarry to use this hack
14:29 - GAnonymous:
14:34 - PaintKiller:
can you please update T_T bot ?
14:35 - PaintKiller:
T_T Phoenix was the best hack i have ever found
14:39 - byAxepT:
is balto UD
14:42 - moritz09:
any hack for bf4 out yet?
14:51 - Senketsu:
14:51 - Senketsu:
GAnonymous i dont really like the trigger
14:52 - Senketsu:
i was thinking the trigger gonna place ma crosshair on the ennemie automaticly and shot him automaticly too
14:59 - GAnonymous:
senk you got vac ?
15:16 - goeslikeme:
is there any csgo hack like a .exe
15:17 - goeslikeme:
or can anybody send me the linkes for an esp?
15:18 - goeslikeme:
pls :D
15:27 - 89Mendo89:
yes the BaltoHack is easy to use and UD
15:29 - Sonea:
Could u send me the link for Balto=
15:32 - Raptixneo:
15:32 - Raptixneo:
15:33 - Raptixneo:
will wer den cracked haben von aj?
15:33 - Raptixneo:
aj ist aimjunkies
15:40 - Sonea:
Need a esp / trigger pls
15:52 - Sonea:
15:52 - Zeinheiser:
*waiting balto radarhack
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Counter-Strike: Source / OldSchoolHack Fusion 1.1.5

OldSchoolHack Fusion 1.1.5

 Download (184.44KB) 
  • VirusTotal Ergebnis: 19/45
  • virustotal

Beschreibung OldSchoolHack Fusion
by KN4CK3R

- Tribes:Ascend Update 1.0.1244.0

- reenabled Team Fortress 2 Building ESP

- fixed Day of Defeat:Source / Team Fortress 2 crash
- SourceEngine: fixed esp'ing spectators

- Tribes:Ascend Update 1.0.1185.0
- Battlefield: Heroes Update 1.97.243283.0 (you can move the gui mouse only at the main menu :( )
- fixed Call of Duty 4 minimap/airstrike map not showing
- fixed Call of Duty 4 NoRecoil/Spread (in zoommode only)

- fixed Day of Defeat:Source
- removed AimType CrosshairDistance (if you used it you can use FOV 180)
- added Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 1.7
- added F10 as new gui toggle key
- added AimbotSticky feature to deactivate aimbot following targets

- added Team Fortress 2 building esp
- added Tribes:Ascend AutoShoot
- GUI can't be moved out of the window

1. Run OSHFusionUnique.exe and choose OSHFusion.exe.
  This will randomize your copy of OSHFusion.
2. Delete OSHFusionUnique.exe now! You don't need it anymore.
3. Run OSHFusion.exe (will have a random name now).
4. Choose the game you want to hack.
5. Inject the hack or choose the autoinject option. Autoinject should be prefered
  if you start the game in fullscreen mode.

OSHFusion Injector randomizes OSHFusion.dll on every load.
You COULD but SHOULDN'T use another injector!

Q: How do I open the menu?
A: Press Insert or F10.

Q: Why can't I move the gui mouse?
A: Most games lock the mouse while playing. Just open a menu and it will work.

Q: ESP flickers / OSHFusion crashes often in Source Engine games.
A: Deactivate Multicore Rendering in advanced graphics options.


-Enemy only

-Enemy only


-different Aimkeys
-selectable bones

happy fragging
 Download OldSchoolHack Fusion 1.1.5 
post Mi 27. Mai 2015, 11:41
ma710610's Avatar
Is this still work for CS:GO ?
post Sa 23. Mai 2015, 22:27
Joysyw's Avatar
can't initialize hack please try again. How fix?
post Sa 16. Mai 2015, 15:33
hinboy0303's Avatar
cant load to cs go 
post Di 12. Mai 2015, 11:30
EduardoLuz's Avatar
Zitat von KN4CK3R post
Was dadran liegt, dass der Hack nicht aktuell ist. Beim nächsten Update geht wieder alles. :)
I have some reports
Trace Dart (aim assets) = Game bugs {crash}
Game closes all the time
ESP Player with a wrong location

Cheat lets not get into the lobby or if you want to load the map.
(closes active after the game)
post Di 12. Mai 2015, 11:28
EduardoLuz's Avatar
Zitat von elosohussain post
Detected for cs go or no?

Or works, after loading the game close, I think even have to update some signatures
post So 3. Mai 2015, 17:03
elosohussain's Avatar
Detected for cs go or no?
post Do 30. Apr 2015, 19:50
MrMasterZockerHD's Avatar
Was bedeutet "Infinity Jetpack"? Kann man damit Fliegen???
post So 26. Apr 2015, 15:33
gamsuchti's Avatar
Eine Frage geht der auch für Skill Special Force 2?
post Di 21. Apr 2015, 18:10
PomPom's Avatar
vac detected for css ? thx to answer
post So 19. Apr 2015, 20:57
zZzeta/S's Avatar
Stop asking for updates for gods sake. He will update it whenever he feels like it