18:05 - Moneymaker1402:
RAge lobby?
18:05 - Moneymaker1402:
19:38 - frick001:
ein gutes TF2 mod menu ?
20:04 - SeakerAnimal:
kann einer den Skinchanger freischalten bitte? :D
20:16 - piwi2000:
nein... wartet doch einfach :rage:
20:28 - Glescg:
Kann mir einer erklären wie der AUTOSHOT - CS:GO funktioniert ?
20:29 - Glescg:
21:09 - Beschimist:
hallo xd
21:10 - pfirsich:
21:28 - pfirsich:
fingerweg vom autoshoot cs:go der is detected
21:44 - denisderbeste18:
würde der skinchanger funktionieren ?
21:44 - denisderbeste18:
wenn ja auch im multiplayer
21:56 - Azoni:
KP der Skin wurde ja noch nicht veröffentlicht und so kenne ich den Script auch nicht :D
22:22 - Glescg:
Hä ? einer sagt es ist nicht detected er hat vor einer Stunde gespielt
22:23 - Glescg:
Kann mir einer erklären wie der AUTOSHOT - CS:GO funktioniert ? :foreveralone:
22:44 - Cyberwinner123:
:rage: :pokerface:
22:46 - Glescg:
22:53 - TooBossHD:
23:53 - otocu:
T_T 3.0 Beta OpenGL : Detected ?
00:18 - hongchong:
wo gibs hier installation anleitungen?
00:32 - hongchong:
01:03 - tripinthebocho:
alguien sabe como me desbaneo en rust alpha 14.03? unban? anti-ban please
01:28 - LuffyDerBozz:
02:34 - Olsport122:
GTA V hacks ??
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Counter-Strike: Source / OldSchoolHack Fusion 1.1.5

OldSchoolHack Fusion 1.1.5

 Download (184.44KB) 
  • VirusTotal Ergebnis: 19/45
  • virustotal

Beschreibung OldSchoolHack Fusion
by KN4CK3R

- Tribes:Ascend Update 1.0.1244.0

- reenabled Team Fortress 2 Building ESP

- fixed Day of Defeat:Source / Team Fortress 2 crash
- SourceEngine: fixed esp'ing spectators

- Tribes:Ascend Update 1.0.1185.0
- Battlefield: Heroes Update 1.97.243283.0 (you can move the gui mouse only at the main menu :( )
- fixed Call of Duty 4 minimap/airstrike map not showing
- fixed Call of Duty 4 NoRecoil/Spread (in zoommode only)

- fixed Day of Defeat:Source
- removed AimType CrosshairDistance (if you used it you can use FOV 180)
- added Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 1.7
- added F10 as new gui toggle key
- added AimbotSticky feature to deactivate aimbot following targets

- added Team Fortress 2 building esp
- added Tribes:Ascend AutoShoot
- GUI can't be moved out of the window

1. Run OSHFusionUnique.exe and choose OSHFusion.exe.
  This will randomize your copy of OSHFusion.
2. Delete OSHFusionUnique.exe now! You don't need it anymore.
3. Run OSHFusion.exe (will have a random name now).
4. Choose the game you want to hack.
5. Inject the hack or choose the autoinject option. Autoinject should be prefered
  if you start the game in fullscreen mode.

OSHFusion Injector randomizes OSHFusion.dll on every load.
You COULD but SHOULDN'T use another injector!

Q: How do I open the menu?
A: Press Insert or F10.

Q: Why can't I move the gui mouse?
A: Most games lock the mouse while playing. Just open a menu and it will work.

Q: ESP flickers / OSHFusion crashes often in Source Engine games.
A: Deactivate Multicore Rendering in advanced graphics options.


-Enemy only

-Enemy only


-different Aimkeys
-selectable bones

happy fragging
 Download OldSchoolHack Fusion 1.1.5 
post Gestern 19:12
frick001's Avatar
geht der noch ?
post Di 7. Apr 2015, 14:23
hackerprof's Avatar
no detected 2 years ago i have 34 accounts global elite :v ez win
post Di 7. Apr 2015, 02:19
MrPhillax's Avatar
Wann kommt denn das neue update
post So 5. Apr 2015, 11:01
KN4CK3R's Avatar
Was dadran liegt, dass der Hack nicht aktuell ist. Beim nächsten Update geht wieder alles. :)
post So 5. Apr 2015, 10:15
Enomyx's Avatar
Wie schon viele gesagt haben, ist es auch bei mir: "can't initialize hack please try again"
post So 5. Apr 2015, 07:13
guest1's Avatar
I double clicked the oshfusionloader.exe file, selected tribes ascend, then started tribes: ascend, logged in, got to the menu screen, and as soon as I pressed Load hack, Tribes ascend crashed and closed down. 

So I double clicked tribes ascend to reload the game, account was insta banned as they say, didn't even get to use the hack, play or nothing. Windows 8.

anyone can tell me their process, if they got it to work, if it still works I should say? It was for Tribes v1.0.1268.1 that I tried it and using OldSchoolHack Fusion v1.3.3. 
post So 29. Mär 2015, 06:02
fido95's Avatar
pls an update for csgo pls
post Mi 4. Mär 2015, 10:14
Olmoody's Avatar
Zitat von VladBadBoy post
this hack is updated?
last update was around 7 month ago
post Di 3. Mär 2015, 20:16
VladBadBoy's Avatar
this hack is updated?
post Mo 2. Mär 2015, 21:29
Olmoody's Avatar
Zitat von georgethehacker post
Zitat von Olmoody;
Zitat von georgethehacker post
trojan horse detected...
another idiot, who doesnt know what the detections cause, but still posts it, detectet.
still doesnt change the fact that there has been a trojan horse detected if im missing out on something tell me
The only thing why ppl would post an antivir detection is because they think its a virus. There are rarely hacks which wont be detectet by an antivir, reason for this is an false positive caused by the fact that the hack will hook into the game like an trojan horse would do it to infect your computer.