04:17 - eyze:
and before i got vac banned, almost every game of mine do have viewers
11:23 - WarPrimeZLP:
15:51 - Bloodylife:
DirectX ESP DEMO /// was kann man gegen diesen 3d cube machen der mitten im bildschirm ist?
15:52 - Bloodylife:
16:37 - IceNeko:
i have best hack evar! :D
16:50 - Henkus:
Beste Ich habe einen permanete Verbot in Battlefield 4. Wie dies unbbannen? Ist es möglich, ein neues Battlefield 4 kaufen? Ob sie mein IP verboten? Haben Sie Tipps, um wieder zu spielen?
16:53 - MyDickIsBiggerThenYourAntiHack:
Buy new. end
16:55 - Henkus:
Realy? Only buy new one and i can play again?
16:59 - Henkus:
If thats all iam happy
17:40 - IceNeko:
17:56 - SkipBrinax:
Hey! I'm searching a cheater to play cs:go with me. Add me on skype (elia.baracca).
18:39 - Xander:
Knacker überprüfst du gerade die CS:GO Hacks?
18:44 - Henkus:
Ich benutzte. BF4 x64 Interne v.2. Ich möchte wissen, ob es wirklich funktioniert, wenn ich ein neues kaufen BF4. Unbanned Software ist auch willkommen. Lassen Sie mich wissen, was es kostet.
19:02 - Raimund58:
10 €
19:09 - Henkus:
Where i can find it for 10 euro.
19:14 - Kazumii:
CS:GO Hack?:x
19:48 - rokasking:
dat fake <.<
20:09 - Olmoody:
warum zur hölle sind links in der shoutbox nicht schon längst deaktiviert? der großteil der links sind doch eh nur phishing sites o.Ä. ...
20:13 - rokasking:
20:31 - themrbaus:
20:31 - themrbaus:
Sorry caps
20:40 - fernandoenrique:
esp detected ?
21:13 - Ahmetpes:
easy trigger cs go? write with my name pls
21:14 - Ahmetpes:
Kein Support in der Shoutbox.
Für Fragen ist das Forum da!
Counter-Strike: Source / OldSchoolHack Fusion 1.1.5

OldSchoolHack Fusion 1.1.5

 Download (184.44KB) 
  • VirusTotal Ergebnis: 19/45
  • virustotal

Beschreibung OldSchoolHack Fusion
by KN4CK3R

- Tribes:Ascend Update 1.0.1244.0

- reenabled Team Fortress 2 Building ESP

- fixed Day of Defeat:Source / Team Fortress 2 crash
- SourceEngine: fixed esp'ing spectators

- Tribes:Ascend Update 1.0.1185.0
- Battlefield: Heroes Update 1.97.243283.0 (you can move the gui mouse only at the main menu :( )
- fixed Call of Duty 4 minimap/airstrike map not showing
- fixed Call of Duty 4 NoRecoil/Spread (in zoommode only)

- fixed Day of Defeat:Source
- removed AimType CrosshairDistance (if you used it you can use FOV 180)
- added Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 1.7
- added F10 as new gui toggle key
- added AimbotSticky feature to deactivate aimbot following targets

- added Team Fortress 2 building esp
- added Tribes:Ascend AutoShoot
- GUI can't be moved out of the window

1. Run OSHFusionUnique.exe and choose OSHFusion.exe.
  This will randomize your copy of OSHFusion.
2. Delete OSHFusionUnique.exe now! You don't need it anymore.
3. Run OSHFusion.exe (will have a random name now).
4. Choose the game you want to hack.
5. Inject the hack or choose the autoinject option. Autoinject should be prefered
  if you start the game in fullscreen mode.

OSHFusion Injector randomizes OSHFusion.dll on every load.
You COULD but SHOULDN'T use another injector!

Q: How do I open the menu?
A: Press Insert or F10.

Q: Why can't I move the gui mouse?
A: Most games lock the mouse while playing. Just open a menu and it will work.

Q: ESP flickers / OSHFusion crashes often in Source Engine games.
A: Deactivate Multicore Rendering in advanced graphics options.


-Enemy only

-Enemy only


-different Aimkeys
-selectable bones

happy fragging
 Download OldSchoolHack Fusion 1.1.5 
post Sa 13. Dez 2014, 21:30
Mosa's Avatar
Team Fortress 2 stürtzt nach einer bestimmten zeit einfach ab wen man deinen hack benuntzt ^^
post Mi 26. Nov 2014, 17:05
GirinoX's Avatar
link for download?
post Fr 21. Nov 2014, 06:11
Alwy51's Avatar
any one can help me for open oldschool hack for S.k.i.l.l ?
post Mi 5. Nov 2014, 08:10
doom2k15's Avatar
hey KN4CK3R ....diz hack is jst amazing..i have used 1.4.1 version many times...its jst i got a problem here...i have jst downloaded
'OldSchoolHack Fusion' updated when i execute diz says Microsoft visual c++ 2013 runtime  files are missing...i already have downloaded and installed the diz runtime im still facing the same error of runtime files............


Thanq :D

ohh i using windows xp service pack 2

n want diz hack for battlefield play4free...

plz help
post Mo 20. Okt 2014, 19:43
iblitzcrank2's Avatar
some one got vac Band?
post So 19. Okt 2014, 12:46
Trentio73's Avatar
у меня игра вылетает
post Di 14. Okt 2014, 08:34
Olmoody's Avatar
Zitat von dre5567 post
Are you saying that my hack's client is outdated, or just the hack itself is outdated?
Sorry for no German.
The last update of the Hack was back in July, so the Hack is outdated.
post Di 14. Okt 2014, 06:50
dre5567's Avatar
Are you saying that my hack's client is outdated, or just the hack itself is outdated?
Sorry for no German.
post Di 14. Okt 2014, 06:34
Lucky_Luke's Avatar
Zitat von dre5567 post
Help!  All hacks work fine but CS:GO. It crashes whenever I bring up the hack. Help!

The last OSHF update was in July.
CS:GO got updates regularly, so the hack is outdated.
post Di 14. Okt 2014, 00:47
dre5567's Avatar
Help!  All hacks work fine but CS:GO. It crashes whenever I bring up the hack. Help!