22:36 - GAnonymous:
G-Anoynmous Triggerbot + Bunnyhop + Overshot + Teamcheck
22:37 - GAnonymous:
when a admin is online he will test the hack and when its clean than you can use it
23:27 - Senketsu:
ok im waiting
23:28 - Senketsu:
what is the serial's ?
23:35 - GAnonymous:
you can activate the hack with the serials
23:40 - Senketsu:
yeah but what is the serial
23:43 - GAnonymous:
a activation key
23:47 - Senketsu:
and where is the key
23:48 - GAnonymous:
Senketsu check pms
23:48 - GAnonymous:
Knacker haste zufällig grad zeit ?
23:51 - Senketsu:
ok so i gonna try
23:53 - Senketsu:
GAnonymous wtf i dont understand russian ^^'
23:53 - GAnonymous:
wtf russian
23:53 - GAnonymous:
23:53 - Maddin506:
r3cheats ud ?
23:53 - Senketsu:
23:54 - GAnonymous:
its german
23:54 - Senketsu:
Ganonymous i can try the hack on a bot game ,
23:54 - GAnonymous:
do that
23:55 - Senketsu:
ok i will check
23:55 - Senketsu:
that gonna works on bot ?
23:55 - GAnonymous:
23:55 - GAnonymous:
and check pm´s
23:57 - Senketsu:
i am coming on the ts
00:12 - vitort:
Wall for cs Ud ?
Kein Support in der Shoutbox.
Für Fragen ist das Forum da!
Übersicht / Counter-Strike: Source
PureESP - Bounding box & Healthbar ESP

PureESP - Bounding box & Healthbar ESP

A simple esp hack with a team colored bounding box and a healthbar. Inject in the main menu, you'll know it's injected by a message in the console and in-game it will have a little watermark on the top left. I'll probably remove the watermark later, I was just using it to debug. I have no idea if it's
24. Mai 2015


add asus and jitter and others shits NO MENU!!
20. Mai 2015
[SOH] CSS v2.1

[SOH] CSS v2.1

Changes: Added Asus with outline - Works with custom skins. Removed Trigger bot =========================================== Features : Player WallHack - Must have default player skins (only player skins ). - "lolyou" and alike configs NOT recomended. Asus with outline - Work with custom player skins.
17. Mai 2015
Toggle Mic Script

Toggle Mic Script

I know, it isn't really a hack, but it is better than having to hold X whenever you want to talk to people, with this, just Press X once to turn it on, and Press X again to turn it off. I like it, and it is not counted as cheating, so you cant get banned from anything, and you DEFINITELY cant get VAC
3. Mai 2015
Kaegens ESP Public

Kaegens ESP Public

Including only ESP from hack.
30. Apr 2015
20. Apr 2015
CSS v34 VAC Unban Tool

CSS v34 VAC Unban Tool

1. Download the tool 2. Open your v34 file 3. If you opened your file and the tool file then you can drag the steamid tool into your v34 file 4.In the Changer rar is a bin file open it and open your bin file in your v34 file 5. drag the kernel16.dll and the steam.dll and the steamemu.ini into your bin
16. Apr 2015
Autistic Hook

Autistic Hook

Another hack for non-steam css but this works for latest css version too(tested 19/12/2014) Features: -Aimbot -Wallhack -Color -Trigger -Fakelags etc. This hack is mostly for flickshots or rage. How to use: Start vlc.exe Start CSS Go back to your injector and press 'inject' Join a server and press INSERT
11. Apr 2015
CS:S PUB 1.1 Hack (nosTEAM)

CS:S PUB 1.1 Hack (nosTEAM)

Another hack for nosteam CSS but this works for v84. Features: -Aimbot -Wallhack -Color -Trigger -Fakelags etc. This hack is mostly for flickshots or rage.  0_edY4uXCPI How to use: Start an injector Start css Inject into hl2.exe If you are ingame press Insert for menu -----------------------------------------------
1. Apr 2015
CSS Material Wallhack 2015

CSS Material Wallhack 2015

Features 1.Players(T - Red , CT - Green ) 2.No smoke 3.No flash ( may not work) Its Undetected because its material wallhack and VAC isnt searching for materials! ( they are just like skins) Copy only the content from the custom folder! ( Dont copy all custom folder because it may not work ) Installation
19. Feb 2015