20:17 - BottyButt1337:
The delay is in ms right?
20:19 - Damnatio:
20:21 - BottyButt1337:
omg that sound is so....
20:22 - Damnatio:
just turn it of at your windows settings^^
20:23 - BottyButt1337:
20:23 - BottyButt1337:
Such a troll hax xDDD
20:23 - Damnatio:
yes^^ just do it like this:
20:23 - BottyButt1337:
its good tho xD
20:23 - Damnatio:
i just wanted to troll with this release :D its funny i think^^
20:24 - BottyButt1337:
20:24 - Damnatio:
so if you understand german you will understand what he say :D
20:24 - TheHackerTVLW:
hallo erst mal ich suche ein survarium hack esp oder aimbot
20:24 - BottyButt1337:
If possible you should do like random shots after there person has died, so it looks legit
20:26 - Damnatio:
maybe i will do it and maybe i will add a bhop too^^
20:26 - BottyButt1337:
Nice hax tho thx bae <3
20:26 - BottyButt1337:
cant wait! <3
20:27 - BottyButt1337:
be sure to post it on oldschoolhacks tho so i can download it :3
20:34 - BottyButt1337:
21:54 - duBakaTeddy:
any body got a working hack for cs go wallhack n aimbot ?
22:00 - Stainless:
22:52 - McStyler:
gibs für special force 2 hacks wenn ja wo
23:19 - FamousPL:
pls help
23:19 - FamousPL:
i need hack to CS:GO
23:32 - FamousPL:
23:32 - FamousPL:
Kein Support in der Shoutbox.
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Counter-Strike 1.6 / Kz Hack v2
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Kz Hack v2

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Beschreibung Features
Gravity Hack
Longjump Script
Countjump Script
Auto Duck
Auto Jump
Hang (Stay in the air without falling)
Third Person toggle
No Flash
No Smoke

How To Use
Extract Archive To Anywhere But CS/Steam Folder
Run Counter-Strike 1.6 (Don´t connect to any server or cs will crash!)
Run ".EXE"
If injection went successful, a message will pop-up in console

(Some People Can Run ".EXE" While Ingame)
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