19:12 - kindru2:
anyone know any good just .exe tiggerbots that dont need anything like dll?
19:12 - kindru2:
undetected also
19:13 - oliwerp:
wait the hack was released 20 days ago
19:13 - kindru2:…low-esp-05-05-2015-a.html those are some good esp hacks Zeihn ive been using them for awhile
19:13 - oliwerp:
oh nvm
19:14 - kindru2:
i meant a month but still
19:14 - kindru2:
19:14 - kindru2:
i didnt even mean to send that second advertise for that esp :I
19:15 - oliwerp:
might not work now...even the guy who posted it said that it might be detecded
19:18 - kindru2:
i mean it still works but it isnt very great. it glows around the other team but you can only see them for real from like half the map
19:18 - kindru2:
and closer
19:19 - kindru2:
But does anyone know a good triggerbot .exe? THAT DOESNT REQUIRE DLL?
19:20 - kindru2:
noone? ):
19:21 - oliwerp:
19:22 - kindru2:
im looking it now but idk if i trust it xD
19:22 - kindru2:
k ill just download it... i dont think itll work but eh
19:24 - byAxepT:
but is it still UD?
19:24 - kindru2:
what does it mean click a number?
19:25 - kindru2:
is what ud?
19:25 - byAxepT:
is balto hack still UD?
19:25 - kindru2:
the balto hacks are all viruses
19:26 - kindru2:
thats why you rarely see them approved i guess
19:26 - byAxepT:
no haha
19:27 - byAxepT:
i use them for a long time and they alwayss work and no virus haha
19:45 - oliwerp:
any hack will get VAC:ed after a time.You just got to delate the hack before it does,it's like an gamble
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BO2 Aimbutt

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hack contains: boxes around head, aimbot, autofire, autozoom
 Download BO2 Aimbutt 
post Fr 27. Dez 2013, 20:13
voldemortbangtpotter's Avatar
Wie geht der ?
post Sa 7. Dez 2013, 13:22
schnixta's Avatar
der funkt nicht
post Mo 26. Aug 2013, 15:44
Lukas7120's Avatar

How do I activate the hack? I did it with a injector and t6mp.exe as a target! Ps: It runs with me on Steam!