14:50 - CimBoYT:
14:54 - Digger123:
14:56 - Ikarus695:
Battlefield 4 MultiHack Tool v2.3 not working, waiting for a patch :rage: :fu:
15:12 - kunzlk:
Is csgo Multihack by turboz D or UD ?
15:14 - Caner107:
jemand on?
15:14 - edubunty:
UD ! tested
15:15 - kunzlk:
15:16 - kunzlk:
15:17 - Caner107:
Undetectet CSGO HACK? Or an Bypass
15:18 - 3polex:
all cheat is not working just wait for the update and for approval :truestory:
15:18 - limak1221:
nope not yet
15:20 - kunzlk:
How long does it take for functioning until a new hack appears?
15:20 - Caner107:
Why has an good csgo hack undetectet ?! or an baypass i pay if you want!
15:21 - 3polex:
x22 i think they sell a hack
15:22 - 3polex:
15:22 - Fabbefuskaj:
guys i am getting aimware now for 24 hours :fuckyea:
15:24 - kunzlk:
which hack for CSGO work for?
15:26 - Popopirat:
can overwatch detect esp hackers?
15:35 - Sylar1337:
they can only see what u see... so play unobtrusively
15:50 - Exhumare:
cs go hack ?
15:55 - Caner107:
I need an CSGO hack undetectet or an CSGO BYPASS!!!
16:05 - Luuuc4s:
CS:Go Update right now^^
16:08 - kunzlk:
16:51 - Pissa123:
Infestation GC hack .. ?
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Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare / OldSchoolHack injected - Call of Duty 4 - v4

OldSchoolHack injected - Call of Duty 4 - v4

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Beschreibung OldSchoolHack injected - Call of Duty 4 - v4

Coder: KN4CK3R
GameVersion: 1.7

no PB proofness

-fixed some gui issues
-added waypointmanager
-added ingame mirc
-added a different version for the crash-people

known bugs:
-causes crash when alt-tabbing

-ingamemenu (ins/einfg)
-full movable windows (restore position with ctrl+ins / strg+einfg)
-ingame helpsystem

-simple aimbot
-aimatteam (FFA mode)
-predict target
-semi auto

Visual Stuff
--enemy only
-Memory Hacks
--no spread
--no smoke
--no shellshock
--no sky
--no scope

-2D radar
--enemy only
-patch ingame radar

--customizable crosshairs

-change all used colors

-simple ingame console

-full check on winamp

-change the used fonts

-set waypoints for the bot to walk to

-full check on mIRC
-chat ingame with your friends
 Download OldSchoolHack injected - Call of Duty 4 - v4 
post Mo 20. Dez 2010, 18:46
Kovu's Avatar
Funktioniert nicht mehr, bekomm immer nen DirectX Fehler...
post So 24. Okt 2010, 13:20
Kovu's Avatar
Wirklich, sehr guter Hack. Hatte viel Spaß damit.^.^
post Fr 5. Feb 2010, 17:57
n!tro's Avatar
Also bei mir öffnet sich das Menü nicht, wenn ich Einfg drücke?!
post So 3. Jan 2010, 17:27
Bladever's Avatar
bei mir auch aber nur wenn ich auf ein server join bitte helft mir (!)
post Mo 21. Dez 2009, 19:36
LeonTheHamburgBoy's Avatar
sry aber ich weiß nicht was ich falsch mache aber das spiel stürtzt immer ab